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What do YOU think of when you hear the word Chiropractic? Well you already know what it is, what if EVERY patient got the same message and knew what you already know. Do you think that would help build your practice with motivated patients? Now you can send your patients to your website to view these exceptional videos that will answer those questions. Imagine having the best chiropractic videos streamed in high quality directly to your website.


  • Send ALL of your patients to your web site to view the Big Idea.
  • Re-educate any inactive patients by emailing them and offering an incentive to view the Big Idea now on your site.
  • Now streamed directly to your website.
  • Don’t have a website? Click here for some great ideas.


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If you are dedicated to educating your chiropractic patients and having them follow through on their adjustment or treatment programs then these Educhiro products are the tools.

Dr. John Demartini
Chiropractor, Teacher and Bestselling Author

Finally someone has explained Chiropractic without using long-winded medical terminology. A simplified, yet informative explanation of Chiropractic. The best Chiropractic DVD I have seen.

Dr. Mark

Extremely well presented. The best patient education media in its class that I have seen, and it's home grown. It has definitely raised the bar.

Dr. Aidan

Best video’s I've ever used. We have had great response from current and new patients. They understand more of what I do. It's entertaining and informative and has grown our retention rate.

Dr. Paul

Our New Patient conversions are up around 95% now, that’s a 40% increase since we started using the Big Idea.

Dr. Theo

The Big Idea is by far the best video that I have ever seen for educating patients

Dr. Rick Wren
Chiropractor, International Lecturer and Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters

Thank you, a job well done. A product that will echo through the ages. I appreciate you and your willingness to step out and sacrifice for the good of the profession. I hope that someday I can give back in a way that rivals what you've done.

Dr. John B

We love "The Big Idea" Videos because the Parents come in and 'Insist' their children get checked!... Doesn't get any better than that.

Dr. Vincent Higley

I want to say that I use this 19 minute video for my mandatory “Welcome to Wellness” class for all new patients. I use this video in conjunction with myovision scans so the patients can see where their subluxations are and how it is affecting their health. This has transformed my practice to over a 100 pv’s a day! Thank you for this wonderful chiropractic patient education tool!

Dr. Joshua Heimerl
Chiropractor, Advanced Family Chiropractic

When the DVDs arrived, we used them in the doctor's report and it was very well received. Awesome work! Thank you.

Dr. Sharon Goodyear
Chiropractor - Kitchener, ON
Bruce Street Family Chiropractic

That video is amazing! That should be seen by the entire world. Not only is it perfectly contemporary and fantastic content, but it took me on a journey through my body and I understand the spine and nervous system now in a way that I never have before.

Julia 38 - Patient

It was really impressive. I was shocked that I had no idea what Chiropractors actually do. I will be going from now on

Ellie 25 - Patient

I’ve never been interested in Chiropractic, until I saw this

Stefan 43 - Patient

These videos are amazing!!! First day we used them I went 5 for 5 conversions and had two people say they really appreciated my presentation.

Dr Mark Lagerkvist
Chiropractor, Chiro One Chiropractic Wellness

FOR JUST $1-Trial ANY One of Our Streaming Videos

  • Trial the best chiropractic videos DIRECTLY to your website.
  • Send all current patients to your site to view.
  • Ask ALL new patients to go to your site and watch before their first visit
  • Educate new patients BEFORE their first visit and re-educate current or archived patient's